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The Face Behind Exeed Financial

All while managing being a full time business owner, wife and mother of three I, Ebone Stevens, Board Certified Credit Consultant have been able to assist over 375 Clients thus far managing to change each clients life in some aspect. Also witnessing dozens of my clients seek life time goals such as Homeownership, owning investment properties, purchasing dream vehicles, striving towards overall financial freedom, and so forth! Excellent Credit can take us as far as we're willing to go! Credit is Power and once i understood this concept my life has changed drastically. What inspired me to develop a financial business allowing me to help others was me being able to make my biggest dream  a reality after so many let downs and I can do the same for you! I was once that discouraged individual who didn't have the courage nor dedication I needed to strongly succeed, in which now I'm willing to be that extra push when it comes to all of my clients no matter what their end goal happens to be. However, even though I've had my discouraging moments throughout my life (in which we all do) I've also always been the self driven one. The one that always wanted to give my all and by giving my all I've surpass many obstacles in life including changing my life around tremendously financially! After all, having great financial habits is not only an importance in adulthood, but it is considered a necessity too right? 


While working with EXEED Financial you will develop a sense of financial freedom along with life changing results that'll put you in a position that will even have you taken back! Let's go above and beyond to get the things money can buy, but with great credit can come much quicker and cheaper! Not only will we achieve it but let's go beyond financial Freedom! Let's Exceed with EXEED!

EXEED Financial will also assist you with establishing business credit. Allowing your growing business to leverage into its fullest potential, which also allows you to save your hard earned money. No worries, we'll help you build that perfect DexScore that'll take your business to the top; Allowing you to endure Approvals for loans for renovation, store fronts, vehicles, etc. 

Have I mentioned we're also here to assist you with every penny that's owed to you at the end of each year rather it's for personal taxes or Business taxes? Yes! EXEED Financial can also assist you in tax preparation allowing cash advances as well! Overall, we're here for you for all financial services needed! Schedule your free Consultation Call Today!

Exeed Financial Budget Planner

Purchase your Exeed Financial Budget Planner to help keep you on track with all of your financials!

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